about me

my name is shakhzod. i was born and grew up in uzbekistan.

i love to listen to the music and sometimes to play a guitar.

my journey as a software developer started back in 2013. i remember installing forum and blog engines locally. wordpress, torrentpier, xenforo, ipboard, phpbb, and many more.

later i learnt html and css. i was converting .psd templates to interactive websites. that time i knew, html and css is not about programming at all. this thought was for a long time in my mind and it managed me to continue exploring different programming languages and technologies.

then i met javascript. yes, i was using js for interactive parts on my projects. but everything i wrote before was installing and calling ready-to-use plugins.

it was hard to me to come up with js back then. being alone without any support was frustrating. i spent a lot of time dealing with countless errors and realizing what was wrong.