Updates for May, June, and July 2022

Updates for May, June, and July 2022

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Shakhzod Kudratov
·Jul 30, 2022·

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Hello, friend.

It was a long time since I wrote the update last time. For 3 months I was in total concentration, felt terrible, and had an operation on my stomach. I had a lot of time to think about my future, things to do, and much more. So, let's start.

UIC Group. Okay, things going well. We're heavily working on internal tools for our Front-end team. We even published some starting templates in our GitHub organization. Now we're working on our custom CMS, dashboard templates, and a bunch of plugins for the team. In parallel, I am working on an interesting project that I'll announce when we publish it.

After rethinking my open-source activity, I decided to create and run my(for now) projects under scriptkids organization. I was inspired primarily by UwU with his Mad Maids initiative. In my free time(rarely) I am working on my projects, planning them, constructing architecture, and so on. We'll see.

My stomach is doing good as well. After an operation, I escaped my home to write some code in the office. It was a terrible idea, but coding is like breathing for me. I HAD NO OTHER CHOICE.

I am planning to do some live streaming stuff for UIC Group in nearest future by writing projects and talking with people. It's all in the Uzbek language for sure.

Generally speaking, I am full of motivation and ready to burn every obstacle in my way.

Good luck to you, mate.

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