Updates for March 2022

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Updates for March 2022

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Shakhzod Kudratov
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Hello, friend.

My March in 2022 was productive. I start getting good with React and understanding its philosophy. But still, I prefer Vue over React for Web development. React will be a good choice when you want BLAZINGLY FAST performance.

I collaborated with novice programmers, and it seems, we are creating a good and healthy community with UwU. Yes, it is what I meant in my February 2022 update.

I never used Typescript 'seriously' before. But I start enjoying its type features, thanks to asobirov.

For exploring new tech and practicing them I started my UIDev project. The first one is a Spotify Web clone using React + TailwindCSS. Yes, it is not finished yet and that's why I am very lazy.

I start feeling good at my English thanks to the culture in the company where I do my React job but is not enough to do more tech writing yet. Feel my primitive English and suffer from it. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Since the last burnout in my previous company, I think I'm doing well. Yes, it is not perfect but the start is a start.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. <3

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