Updates for April 2022

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Updates for April 2022

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Shakhzod Kudratov
·May 5, 2022·

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Hello, friend.

This month was life-changing. I returned to my past company with a little bit different role. Now I am concentrating on the developer's workflow improvement. I am not a shitty manager anymore. I do not hold any projects and am not responsible for projects. Love it.

I opened for myself a Rust language. When started reading a great book, I can't stop myself from reading. IT IS THE BEST LANGUAGE CREATED FOR DEVELOPERS! Thank you UwU for opening my eyes! I am still learning it and practicing with rustlings.

I am writing my rust code using Neovim. For a long time, I dreamed about writing any code in vim. Now I decided to start it with rust. My JetBrains license will expire in June and I hope I'll get better with nvim.

Speaking of my Golang experience, recently I helped my friend with telegram bot using golang. It is a C with steroids as I thought before, but it is uncomfortable for developers to write Golang code. Rust is BETTER! But you never feel pain writing C code in Golang.

I was planning for a long time to create a resource and a community in the Uzbek language for programmers. There was a lot of debate with imaginary "senior developers" in my head for a long period of time. But it seems, I will run it under Co-Learning. Not started any active actions yet. The major reason is that Co-Learning is under a commercial company that can maintain this project in the future. Every active community needs resources to achieve certain aims and needs a leader. When a leader no longer wants to maintain the community, it dies. I do not want this kind of situation. Maybe I am a leader for the community, but I have a lot of ideas and projects to do. I am good for starting communities and building their architecture, not for maintaining it for years. It is better for me to build a strong skeleton for the community and give an opportunity to others. Again, will see what it will become.

In my current company, I am writing a project. Most of the ideas are crazy as hell. I can't include all of them there. I am planning to acquire them in my Dashboard60 project. It can seem that it is dead, but it is not. I am not writing any code there because I do not want to create a project that is just an admin template. There are plenty of options for this purpose. I want to achieve more.

Hope you are doing well.

Stay tuned.

Love you.

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