Modulae #0: The concept

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Modulae #0: The concept

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Shakhzod Kudratov
·Jan 28, 2022·

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Hello, friend.

Every newbie in the programming world after writing some hello-world projects wants to do something bigger. After hours of googling, he comes up with huge lists on Reddit or GitHub with brief information. There is no clear structure and no clear constraints. Build whatever you want and how you want.

Consider another scenario: you've discovered a new amazing framework and want to test its capabilities. Most of the time you will face the question: "What should I write? An Instagram? No, it will take a too long time.".

I felt the same way. When I was a newbie or needed to write anything on a new framework. I thought: "What if there was a spec like Postman collection or a bunch of tests and you take it and just do?" and came up with a draft concept of a project called Modulae. It was Modular, but I decided to replace "r" with "e".

The inspiration and the best example of this could be TodoMVC. TodoMVC is basically a to-do list written on a variety of JS frameworks. The logic is the same but implementation is different. I concentrated largely on the back-end, but the front-end also fits well.

The project itself is an OpenAPI described file. You write code using Express.js, for example, and run API tests on Postman. The LEGO part of the project is that you can replace Express.js-based back-end with Django or Gin, the front-end will work as nothing happened.

For now, I am working on improving this concept and writing some examples to show you the full power of Modulae.

See you in the future, friend.

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